My Dad, My Hero

I am so blessed to have the father that I do. From day one, he has been my hero. He is kind, funny, smart, compassionate, and the most supportive Dad out there. Growing up I never remember him not being there! He was and still is a pilot and was gone for stretches of days at a time – and according to my mom, actually did miss a lot and was always worried we would remember him not making every swim meet, or every dance recital, or cross country meets. I always remember both of my parents being there for everything… and if my Dad did miss something, he was on the phone that night recapping every little detail with us! From building swing sets, fixing owwies, giving me and my siblings that “tough love” when we needed it, sitting through countless all day swim meets and dance competitions, teaching us how to drive, packing our school lunches and drawing funny things on our napkins… my dad has been there through it all.


To this day I can still count on him for anything. Literally anything. He will always guide me and point me in the right direction if I’m having a tough time, help push me to figure it out on my own, and instead of just bailing me out – he makes sure I know I have the ability to fix/solve/do anything without relying on others. For this I am forever grateful. I have struggled financially pretty much most of my adult life, had some emotional issues, tough relationship problems… and my Dad always makes me feel like I am strong enough to power through, even if I don’t feel that way myself. I think it’s easy for people to just jump in and save you… but he has always taught me to stand on my own two feet and figure out my own way to stay on top!


I can also count on him for all the DIY knowledge a girl could ever need! I know how to hang shelves and other heavy wall art, use a power drill, paint, stain, build kitchen tables, put anything together, refurbish old furniture…. etc. I love learning this stuff from my dad because we can spend a whole afternoon together making a new piece of furniture for my apt. Even in my 30’s I still love learning these things from him. He’s so good at wood working, building furniture, helping my Mom make her design ideas come to life… and I love that some of this knowledge is being passed down to me. It’s so fun to have things in my home that I actually made, or something I can point to and say “yea… I hung that on my own and it’s straight!” Saves me money, and I get some quality time in with Dad.


I also love my Dad because he’s got three very different children, and lets us all be our own person and live life how we choose. My little brother has the quintessential “nerd brain,” wrapped up in a cool dude outer shell! He’s an engineer for Boeing and works on designing the planes that my dad currently flies! So cool. He and my Dad can go on for hours talking about work and planes. My sister is a rockstar in sales and has the best relationships with her clients. She’s loves her wine and wiskey, and she and my Dad can stand in the kitchen for hours and talk shop over a bottle of… well anything! I’m kinda the child that’s a little all over the place, ha! I work so many jobs and am constantly finding new things to put my creativity to good use. My Dad is so supportive and interested in all our lives. He takes care of us still to this day in terms of unconditional enthusiasm for everything we are doing.


This year has been a little rough for me… I’ve had some wonderful things happen, but also some things that I couldn’t have gone through without my Dad. Earlier in the year I had a surgery on my hip. My Dad met me at the hospital and stayed with me that entire day making sure I was OK and calming my nerves. He also played nurse for the next week! Put me up in our family home, fed me, helped me get up and around, and changed my ice in the middle of the night for a week. I don’t honestly know what I would have done if he didn’t live so close! I also had some car issues during the time I was in my hip brace and couldn’t drive. My poor father had to drive back and forth from the city, driving my car for me, driving it back to the shop when it wasn’t fixed right the first time… and THEN they told us to drive it 100 miles before we went and got my emissions test. Without a complaint in the world… he did all this for me. When I got in my car accident a few weeks ago, he was the first person I called to tell I was OK. There’s just something about your Dad knowing what to do in these situations that just makes life so easy to navigate through in tough times.


I could go on and on… but on Father’s Day… cheers to the guy who makes all the other dads come in second place! Love you!


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