Meet the Author


Born and raised in Chicago, IL – and never left! Iowa Hawkeye & Gamma Phi Beta Alum; lover of all things fashion, style, design… and whipping up some pretty cakes in the kitchen! I enjoy all food – especially pizza – and wine.  I am the Godmother to my best friend’s beautiful little daughter Maggie, and spoiling her rotten has become my most recent mission in life. I love to travel, especially to visit my immediate family! I’m the only one left in Chicago now – which makes for fun trips to different cities to see my favorite people. Most of my free time is spent online shopping, decorating, catching up with family, getting together with friends, and whipping up something yummy in the kitchen. I am a Software Consultant by day, blogger by night!

I have lived downtown Chicago for the past 8 years, and love the culture this city brings to my daily life. Style, food, entertainment, adventures… Chicago has it all conveniently packed into all their wonderful neighborhoods. While the Chiberia winters are not always so fun, the spring and fall bring crisp sunny weather and patio seasons. The summer is always reserved for outdoor festivals, the beach, and most importantly… boating season!

My love for fashion, design, and all things beauty started at a very early age. I was the go-to-girl in high school for hair styling and makeup tips, and spent hours before big events beautifying all my best girls. Getting ready with friends is still something I love doing to this day! In my adult life my style goals are to be comfortable, classic, and chic – all while not breaking the bank. I hope to help women feel their best, gain confidence, and be creative with their wardrobe all at a reasonable price point… with the occasional splurge! I know finding your own personal style does not come easy to all women, so I hope to be a personal guide and your creative resource to all things style.

I believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, attitudes, and most importantly… celebrating your self worth. Follow me on my journey of all things fashion, style, beauty and adventures in the best city there is!